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  • In my experience Matthews technical ability, market knowledge and relationship management skills allied to a singular focus on delivering results has ensured consistently good performance. Risk management in a fluid environment is an important component of this and I have not once been let down

  • Matthew has provided great help and advice - he takes time to understand individual needs and to figure out an optimum investment approach, and so far results have been good. Matthew is also great at follow-up, checking progress and regular communication. I would recommend Matthew.

  • I have been extremely pleased by the services received from Mr. Fecteau. He came to my home on a Saturday to meet with my wife and I, and he patiently explained to us every detail of the proposed financial solution until it became completely clear for us.

  • Aymeric is one of the most professional financial adviser I have ever been working with. Aymeric is focused on achieving his clients' objectives, has always showed the highest level of integrity, and I have no hesitation in recommending Aymeric to anyone seeking for first-class financial advice.

  • Aymeric has provided very detailed and personalized financial advice with regular interactions. I have no hesitation on recommending him to anyone looking for a first class financial advisor in the worldwide expatriates community.

    Excellent relationship, great results...What else?

  • Rob looks after my portfolio management and has done an excellent job of achieving good growth over the past few years. In addition he has helped me with advice on my other assets that has, looking back been invaluable.

    I would certainly recommend Rob for setting up and managing an investment portfolio.

  • I am a very satisfied and happy customer of Rob's services. The know how and closed contact at all times are very much appreciated from my side. Thank you Rob.

  • There are few advisors in the world - let alone in Shanghai who have such a high standard of work, client satisfaction and integrity than Rob.

    With no pressure he has helped many people and I am proud to work closely with him

  • I have had the pleasure having Rob act as my financial adviser for the past 3 years. I have found him to be extremely competent, knowledgeable and understanding. Rob has provided me with a wide array of investment instruments to meet my particular needs.


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